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Version Enhancements:Here’s a quick taste of what we packed in over the past 10 weeks. • Proximity Filtering. Data List block is now able to present a filtered list based on distance from a given location. We integrated both the Google Maps API and the Bing Maps API, so users can choose either. We also can use the location services integrated into modern browsers and mobile devices. • Geographic Coordinates. Data Tables can now be built with columns that store spatial data in the form of a Latitude and Longitude. • Content Picker Enhancements. The content picker now retains information about your last use to improve efficiency when performing repetitive linking/picking tasks. • Follow Links in Workstation Preview. You can now follow links and navigate your website in the Workstation Preview. • Site Parameters. Developers can add custom parameters in Titan Admin for use in their code. We’ve also built-in a common customization to Static Content control to help reduce implementation costs on projects. • Site-specific Data Detail Pages. Rendering the Detail view for data in a common Data Site between multiple Content sites is now possible. • Workstation Tree Performance. We’ve fixed a long-time issue with performance of expanding tree levels in the workstation for author/editor users. In addition, we stripped out a bunch of legacy data from the v2 days. It feels good to clean house a little. • Commented CDATA Snippets. We fixed our snippets areas to better support the lazily coded JavaScript snippets third party analytics firms love to distribute. Version Release Date:Fri, October 31, 2014Number of Features:7Number Fixed Bugs for Release:12

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