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Version Enhancements:This release was all about closing the “events gap”. We can now start deprecating the old Events site and Calendar Block implementations. Calendar Filtering. The Data List block is now able to present calendar filters for any date-based data content. Calendar Filters includes highly flexible server-side filtering options for defining sliding window date ranges, and gives you three options for display-side filtering results by Date: Calendar widget, Month-to-month widget, and From/To widget. Recurring Dates. Data Tables can now be built with Date and Time columns that provide an option for daily, weekly, month, or yearly recurrence patterns. Upload iCal Data. In the Workstation, users can upload event content that was exported in standard iCal format (.ICS file) from third party calendar tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Download as iCal. In Data List and Data Detail, event content can be presented with a link to download as a standard iCal file, which can then be imported into personal calendar systems like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Version Release Date:Tue, August 12, 2014Number of Features:5Number Fixed Bugs for Release:15

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