TITAN CMS - Where Used Chart

Files & Images may be reviewed in Titan CMS to see where they are being used. Included is detailed information on how the Where Used functionality works and where to review.   

Web Content Management Module

Files - Where Used

*Dependent on running Job to stay current.

  • During the Job run, it's possible your results will not be listed.  This will occur at the end of indexing & the caching phase until the job has completed.

  • N/A = Not a direct point to file or file folder.

  • New in v6.3, the Job's XML may be set to run for a specific file folder based on it's DocID.  This may impact whether a file is picked up to show in Where Used or not.


Where Used:
Calendar Block N/A
Data List Block N/A
Data Detail Block N/A
Data Editor Block N/A
Event Upload Block N/A
FAQ Block *Answer section, direct to file  Yes
File Upload Block N/A
Filter Block  *Source to files  Yes
Forms Editor Block *Content - direct to file and Follow up Content - direct to files. Yes
Freeform Block  *content with images and links to files Yes
Page Share Block N/A
Photo Block  *point to files Yes
Product Block *only actual product not products through block N/A
Search Results Block N/A
Segmented Search Block *filter section point to files Yes

Site Map Block *dependent on Photo block support and Photo block enabled in Titan Admin folder. 

As it relates to the Site Map block, files only return when the File Pile needs to have the Photo Block support enabled. 

There is a caveat though… The other thing that controls what is listed by the SiteMap block is the XSL. There isn’t a way to know what the XSL is going to show on the display-side (it may show fewer items than what the database returns). What is known is what files would be returned from the database. So there could be a discrepancy between what shows and what the Where Used thinks is being used.

TOC Block *URL of file, Teaser Image configured Yes
What's New Block  *point to file not a page Yes



Where Used
Teaser Image Yes
What's New Image Yes
Banner Image Yes
Fav icon Image Yes
Custom Nav Data 1 Yes



Where Used
File Single (column type) Yes
Files Multiple (column type) Yes
Freeform Editor (column type) Yes
Links Related (column type) *Connect to Teaser Image lands in Data Yes
External Data Source Key (column type) *Own column, input field with file URL Yes


Linked Pages

Where Used
Linked Pages
New Page:  
Linked to Internal File Yes


Other - Event, Product

Where Used
Attachment Yes
Content Description Yes
Product Description Yes
Product Image Yes
Product Additional Yes


Other - Block Copies

Where Used
Block Copies:  
FAQ *content Yes
Form Editor *content Yes
Filter *source point to files Yes
Freeform Yes
Photo Yes
*Segmented Search *Filter section point to files (Design required) Yes
Site Map *photo enabled on Titan File Folder Yes
What's New Yes


Other - Smart Search

Where Used
Smart Search:  
Internal Linked to Page with images Yes
Files Yes


Other - User Management

Where Used
User Management:  
User's demographics custom fields Yes



Other - Titan Administration

Where Used
Titan Admin: *N/A CSS browse  
Site Globe default site logo Yes
Favorite icon Yes


Where Used - File with URL Alias

If a files Page URL changes, the URL Alias (*prior Page URL) will be listed.

Download Results to Excel

Files: Not Used

*Dependent on running Job to stay current.

  • Counts files & adds to "Files: Not Used" list when new and not used
  • Removes files from count & "Files: Not Used" list when used
  • Doesn't count files in Recycle Bin
  • Does count files if restored from Recycle Bin
  • Delete File *files will still be listed in dashboard widget until job is run, after job run files will be removed from dashboard.
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