TITAN CMS - Export/Import Folder of Files

Review the recommendations for this functionality!

  1. Log in to Workstation where Folder of files reside.
  2. Select File Folder level to Export.

  1. Click the Export Icon.

  1. Enter Export Information and make selections.

  1. Click OK and the File Folder Zip file will be created. 
  2. Save the Zip file and store where you can easily locate it.
  3. In the Workstation where you plan to Import Folder of Files, click on the Folder for placement of the Import.

  1. Click the Import Icon.  The Titan Component Installer will display.

  1. Click the Upload button.

  1. Click Browse to find your Zip file.
  2. Click Upload to upload the Export File into Titan Component Installer.
  3. Click Add to Install.

  1. Click Go Install.
  2. Check to acknowledge all messages.

  1. Click the Install button. *Don't close the browse button until status Installation Completes.
  2. Click the Close button.

  1. View the Public File folder in the Workstation.

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