The File Pile - Document/Image/Video Management is the folder structure where you will store all the files (documents, images, videos, etc) that will be used on your website.  These files can be used as content "links" via the WYSIWYG editors in the Freeform, Forms Editor, FAQ blocks.  Images used throughout the site (teaser images, what's new images) will be stored in these folders.

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Working with Files

Add a File

A File Pile Folder is where Files are stored. Files are documents, images and videos that are used to make up your content on the website. Files may be added through using the Titan Links, Insert/Image Editor in the WYSISWYG tool or through the File Pile.


Browse Views - Files

Browse views are configurable for the Web Content Management module for the File Pile. You are able to configure the fields that contain the information you desire to view in a browse screen. There are also options to view Is Video or Is Image.


Copy a File - Document/Image/Video

Copying a File Document/Image/Video allows you to copy to another File Folder. You can copy a single File, or copy multiple Files and File types.


Crop a Image

The Image Editor - Crop allows the user to trim the image down to a portion of the original image.


Delete a File - Document/Image/Video

Deleting a File Document/Image/Video places the item in the Recycle Bin within the TitanCMS workstation. Any item deleted from the Recycle Bin is permanently deleted from the TitanCMS workstation.


Download File - Document/Image/Video

There is a new Download button in v6.6 for files on the content tab. You may download 1 file at a time from the Workstation.


Edit a File - Document/Image/Video

Editing an Image File in TitanCMS workstation may be done through the Image Editor. Documents and Videos will need to be edited outside of TitanCMS and a New Version Uploaded.


Enable Photo Album Folders as Source

To get the File Pile folder to display in other block's tree as a source, configure the Photo Block Album URL and set enable for Photo Block Album Support.


Example - Photo Block

The Photo Block is used to display multiple Photos on your website.


File Pile Security

You now have the option to define the default login page for File Pile sites from the v6.2 release. This provides better support for accessing secured files.


File Properties

Each File - Document/Image/Video has its own set of Properties. Files that are created (via add, copy or move) inherit some properties from the File Pile Folder or specific File Upon File creation, some properties are created by default. You may view or modify these properties by clicking on the Properties icon in the Edit Pane Selector.


Move a File - Document/Image/Video

Moving a File Document/Image/Video results in deleting it from the folder it was being stored in and moving it to another folder.


Resize a Image

The Image Editor - Resize allows user to change the Width and Height of the image to a smaller size.


Rotate a Image

The Image Editor - Rotate allows user to change the image's orientation to a common point.


Upload New Version

A New Version of a file may be uploaded to update the site. Files can be documents, images, videos, etc. that are make up the content on the website. Like pages, files are versioned every time you upload a new file. You can restore old versions through Version History.


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