TITAN CMS - Registration Block


The Registration block allows a user to sign up on your website.  You can gather information by determining which fields will display and if the field is required or optional.   Use Tags so a user can set their content preference.

  1. Click the dropdown for Add New Block.
  2. Select the Registration block, the Registration editor will display.
  3. Configure your Registration block:
    1. Set the Registration/Profile Form Display items:
      1. Login or Email  - This option is configured in Account Configuration in the Titan Administration module.  Email will display if "Login is always email address" is checked.
      2. Create Password will default to selected.
      3. Confirm Password will default to selected.
    2. Set the following fields as Required, Optional or Not Applicable:
      1. Email Address
      2. First Name
      3. Last Name
      4. Street Address
      5. Street Address #2
      6. City
      7. State/Province
      8. Zip
      9. Country
      10. Company Name
      11. Job Title
      12. Department
      13. *Home Phone  
      14. *Work Phone  
      15. *Mobile Phone 
      16. *Fax               
      17. Custom Data 1
      18. Custom Data 2
      19. Custom Data 3
      20. Custom Data 4
      21. Custom Data 5
    3. Click a Tag name if you will be allowing User Preferences.  Tags & Attributes created in Titan Admin are assigned to content.  Using similar list of Tags & Attributes users will be able to select their preference at registration.  The tags and preferences work with a Filter block which creates a list of content based on a user's preference.
    4. Click Use.  A list of attributes will display.  Tags & Attributes are added in the Titan Administration module. 
    5. Click the drop down and select a different group if the group to use wasn't the default.
  4. Click OK to retain, or Cancel.
  5. Click Save or Publish from the Page Action Bar to retain changes.

*The Registration Block uses the Country dropdown to know the phone format to validate.

*For a non-U.S. formatted phone number, it appears to accept any number of digits, using dot, dash or a space to separate. Very loose.

*For a U.S. formatted phone number though it is pretty strict. It has to have the parenthesis around a three digit area code, followed by a space, dash or dot. Then exactly 3 digits, followed [again] by a space, dash or dot and finally exactly 4 digits. This is the same as the predefined validation used in the Forms Editor block.

*Custom phone number validation is possible, however, it requires XSL and javascript changes.  Email or call for a quote.

To require Hint questions on the Registration form, check in the Account Configuration found in the Titan Administration module.

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Prerequisite Steps

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.  The Titan log in will display.
  2. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  3. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  4. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application will open to the Web Content Management Module.

Find an existing item in the Nav Tree: 

  1. To expand the node in the tree, use the "+" 
  2. To minimize the node in the tree, use the "-"  
  3. To select the item to work with,  click on the item in the tree.  The item will become highlighted & the item and it's children will appear in the Browse Screen.

Access the Content Edit Tab

  1. Access the content editing pane by either clicking on the "edit" link from the browse screen listing, or by adding a checkmark in the box in front of your page in the browse screen and clicking on the Content Edit Tab.
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