The Login block is used on your website to allow a user to access secured content that is not open to everyone.   You may add a Logout link in the utility to provide a more visible Logout.  This is in addition to the Logout link that displays on the page with the Login block.  The page with the Logout link can have the security configured the same as the content that requires Login so that Logout only shows when logged in.

  1. Add a Link page and title it, ie. Logout
  2. What to configure on the content section:
    1. External Link
    2. Open in same window
    3. URL to match similar to example but add the page URL to resolve to.  This example is the Documentation's Home page.

3. Set content & Logout link page with security:

4. Save and publish your work.

5.  Verify by testing the Login for a valid user.  When logged in the utility should update to now include the Logout link.  Verify using the Logout resolves to the URL configured, in this example it would be Home for documentation globe.

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