The exciting new TitanCMS Data Editor block allows a website logged in user to enter data records from a website.  The data records are stored in the TitanCMS workstation.


  1. Add or find page to add the Data Editor block.
  2. Edit page and select Add New Block.
  3. Select the  Data Editor block.
  4. Build block:
    1. Check the Data Root Folder *The Database that will store data records.
    2. Select Editor Template or add by using the new link "View Template Configuration in Admin Workstation". Refresh to have it show up.
    3. OnLoad Function is a developer option - *You can provide the name of a JavaScript function that it will try to call when the page loads.  It could be a way to do special service calls to prepopulate a form.  See development for additional help.
    4. Select Upload Option:
      1. Save Only *If workflow configured, data record is not published.  Data record will not show in Data List to allow edit or publish.  Publish is required to be completed in the Workstation.
      2. Save/Publish Approve *If workflow configured, moves through workflow step and will Save and Publish item.
      3. *NOTE:  Unable to set workflow on display side for different groups to add or edit data records. The workflow you choose controls how many steps the item needs to be published before it goes live.  In the workstation, the workflow roles control who is allowed to change the item and submit it through the next workflow step.  Publish through the workflow steps needs to be completed in the Titan CMS workstation.
    5. Select the desired Submit Action:
      1. Require User to Confirm Data or not:
        1. Check to allow user to review and edit before sending.
        2. Uncheck if one submit is desired, no review before sending.
      2. POST to secondary URL *Enter URL
    6. Check box for Public Access * Allow Public Access to create, but not edit data.
    7. Build Form Content:
      1. To build all form fields from (columns) for table/schema, select Generate Default Form.
      2. To build one or more of the form fields (columns) from table/schema, select Edit:
        1. From the WYSIWYG options, click on Titan Data Fields.
        2. Select from drop down the desired field to configure.
        3. For each field select desired options in the Titan Data Field dialog.
          1. Select from drop down Field Name.
          2. Auto fills in the Field Linking if the column was linked to a property.
          3. Auto fills in the Field Input Type.
          4. Enter Additional CSS Class Names. *Designer feature.
          5. Enter Inline CSS Styles. *Designer feature.
          6. Check is you desire this to be Required field.
          7. Enter a Error message if a Required field.
          8. Select if field should have validation.
          9. Enter any additional validation *Developer feature.
  5. *NOTE:  Cell Properties were used in the design of these forms.  There needed to be flexibility yet maintain control over HTML that needed to collect data ie. Data Inputs.  The other area in form is considered happy text.  The table that is generated is open for user modification.  User can change the vertical alignment of the label or remove everything generated and make your own form.
    1. Tags & Lookups *Column needs to be configured to "Allow in Category Filtering"
      1. Select Tag or Lookup and configure to Use and Display As:
        1. Static Checkbox
        2. Drop Down
        3. Suggest Box *New v6.2 Feature
    2. Select an option for the follow up content:
      1. Enter text for follow up.
    3. Select to Redirect to a different page.
      1. Select a page through the browse Link Picker
      2. Add URL with ?DataID=___  at end of a URL  (“/Titan-CMS-Documentation/Examples/Workshops.htm?DataID=__”)
        1. Examples:
          1. Data editor & submit record *Land on another data editor with more field and the initial data record fields populated
          2. Data editor & submit record *Land in the data detail view with everything populated
  6. Click OK to save or Cancel.
  7. Save and publish work.
View - Data Editor Block dialog


View - Example of Data Editor

 v6.2 Data Editor Block Example

v6.3 Data Editor Block Example - Public Access

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Steps to Build Data

Prerequisite Steps

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.  The Titan log in will display.
  2. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  3. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  4. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application will open to the Web Content Management Module.

Find an existing item in the Nav Tree: 

  1. To expand the node in the tree, use the "+" 
  2. To minimize the node in the tree, use the "-"  
  3. To select the item to work with,  click on the item in the tree.  The item will become highlighted & the item and it's children will appear in the Browse Screen.
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