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Hidden Field


With the use of a special script, hidden fields of information may be passed to a 3rd party website (user doesn't see).  Uses the OnLoad Function field in the Form Editor block with a special script created by developer. 

View - Hidden field dialog

Steps - Add a Hidden field

1. Request Developer assistance to create special script.

"Developer Notes: In general, your hidden control’s name is cmsForms_theNameYouGaveIt or cmsFormS_theNameYouGaveIt. The latter says, use it on the Subject line.

To prepopulate your control (and *any* control can be pre-populated, not just hidden controls), you put the internal control name (prepend cmsForms_) onto the query string. The format is:
(to make things easier on yourself, just don’t use spaces or odd characters – yes, it can be done, but you have to encode them correctly).

If you have only one control you want to pre-populate, then it is:

If you have multiple controls you want to pre-populate, then it is:

2. Determine what information needs to be passed and not display for user to see.
3. Determine 3rd party who will be receiving this hidden information
4. Select to build a Form Editor block, or edit a page and edit the form editor block
5. Click "Edit" for the Form Content section
6. Place cursor in area of form where you desire to add the Hidden field, click "Titan Forms"
7. Select "Hidden" field from the left list
8. Enter a Field Name
9. Click "OK" to process, or Cancel
10. Complete the other configurations
11. Click "OK" to retain block, Cancel to stop
12. Click Save / Publish from the Page Action Bar

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