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The File Submit Titan Form field allows a user to upload a file through your form on your website.  The Form Submission Action must be POST to Titan, this allows you to select where to store those uploaded files.

View - File Submit dialog

In v6.9 change Pixel Width to Width

v6.8 and prior

Steps - Add a File Submit field

  1. Place cursor in form where you wish to add the File Submit field.
  2. Click the Titan Forms Icon (left) in the WYSIWYG tool.  Note, other Titan Form editor options are listed in the left list , you may need to scroll to find File Submit.
  3. Select the File Submit option.  The File Submit template will display. 
  4. Enter the File Submit information in the following fields:
    1. Field Name - name that is used in the database and on the spreadsheet report.  Use a name that will represent the question, title, label that you have added on your content. 
    2. Add to Email Subject Line - if checked, the field (name) will be added to email subject line.
    3. CSS Class dropdown - the default value is automatically selected, you are able to change value if other CSS values are listed in drop down.
    4. Width - v6.9 changed from Pixel Width to Width.  This is the setting for your field's width.
    5. Required Field - check this box if your field will be required on this form.
    6. Error Message - when customer doesn't enter information in field, this message will advise that field is required.
  5. Select OK to add File Submit field to form, or Cancel.  The form's content screen will display.
  6. Click Save or Publish from the Page Action Bar to retain changes.
Steps - Edit a File Submit field
  1. Right click on the File Submit field in your Form Content.   The File Submit will now have boxes listed around it and a list will display to select from.
  2. Select Titan Forms editor.   The File Submit template will display.  Note, the Name field will be grayed because this is a database field and not editable.   Prior selections should be configured.
  3. Make desired changes to the File Submit field.
  4. Click OK to retain the changes, or Cancel. 
  5. Click Save or Publish from the Page Action Bar to retain changes.
Steps - Delete a File Submit field
  1. Click on the Field Submit field, the field will have boxes listed around it.
  2. Select delete on your keyboard.  The File Submit field will be removed from your form.
  3. Change the Form Submission Action *File Submit only uses POST to Titan - Choose Folder option.
  4. Click Save or Publish from the Page Action Bar to retain changes.
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