TITAN CMS - Product Navigation Node Set Up

*Use Data, Products removed.

*The Data List & Data Detail blocks may now be built instead of the Product block.  Use Data Schema & Data Site instead of the Product database.

Prior to Data, Products were used.

Before you can set up the Product block's left or breadcrumb Tag navigation, your page layout may need some custom changes and then you must configure your Page Layout navigation nodes.  By default, the Tag navigation will *not* look for these nodes. 
These steps are based on the Product w/Nav page layout, request from designer this type of layout if desired.  If using custom XSLs, see your designer or UI contact person for assistance.
  1. Select the Titan Administration module.
  2. Select your Theme under the Themes node.
  3. Click on Page Layouts.
  4. Click + to open the specific Page Layout to change.
  5. Click Edit for "Display Page Dot Net" for the .ascx file.
  6. Search for section to change.  *Control F to open search field.
  7. Enter search parameter for Left, for example:  cms:displaynavigation for zone="left".
    1. The result by default is usually NavLeft.xsl  or NavSide.xsl
    2. Example:    <cms:displaynavigation id="contentNav" zone="Left" runat="server" Xslt="NavLeft.xsl" MaximumTreeLevels="8" />
    3. Change the xsl to NavSideInject.xsl     *Be careful, the file format is very particular.  Substitute just the name of the file.
    4. Example:  <cms:displaynavigation id="contentNav" zone="Left" runat="server" Xslt="NavSideInject.xsl " MaximumTreeLevels="8" />
  8. Enter search parameter Breadcrumb, for example:  cms:breadcrumb
    1. The result NavBreadCrumbBCZone.xsl
    2. Example:  <cms:breadcrumb id="breadCrumb" zone="Breadcrumb" runat="server" Xslt="NavBreadCrumbBCZone.xsl"/>
    3. Change the xsl to from NavBreadCrumbBCZone.xsl  to NavBreadCrumb.xsl  *Be careful, the file format is very particular.  Substitute just the name of the file.
    4. Example:  <cms:breadcrumb id="breadCrumb" zone="Breadcrumb" runat="server" Xslt="NavBreadCrumb.xsl"/>
  9. Select Save to retain, or Cancel.
  10. Repeat Edit steps for all Page Layouts that should be displaying navigation nodes.
  11. Select Save from the Page Action Bar.
  12. Select Refresh Site State.
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Prerequisite Steps

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.
  2. The Titan Login screen will appear.
  3. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  4. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  5. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application should open to the Titan Web Content Management Module.
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