TITAN CMS - Product Display Examples

*Use Data, Products removed.  Display needs special design work.

*The Data List & Data Detail blocks may now be built instead of the Product block.  Use Data Schema & Data Site instead of the Product database.

Prior to Data, Products were used.

Included are examples to create different displays for your Products.  You can configure your display so a user can search for the specific products they are interested in.  If you desire to have navigation, your page layouts will just need to support navigation.  This can be accomplished through the Titan Administration module.  You may also let the user sort or page as they desire on your product display. 

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List of Categories & Products Navigation

This display uses the Product Data Folders and the Content Area set up with Categories (folders) and Products. You can configure 1 or more products to display under each category. Your Navigation may be accomplished by clicking the Categories (folders) and or Products when configured as links. If you desire to have navigation in the left zone, your page layouts will need to support this navigation. Directions on how to update the page layout for navigation are found under the Edit Page Layout section.


List of Products

This display uses a list of Products. The products may be configured to display in a "What's New" list and use only active items, or to display products released in the last __ days and you can also limit your display to a set number of products.


Tag Navigation

This display uses Tags as the Navigation. In the center content section your products or categories and products will display. When using Tags as your navigation you will not be able to use Tags to filter. Your page layouts will need to support this navigation, directions on how to update the page layout for navigation are under the Edit Page Layout section.


List Uses Tag Filtering

This display uses Tags (search options) that are used to filter your products. You may configure the filter with a checkbox that includes the count of matching products, links that include the count of matching products, a regular checkbox no count, or a drop down no count. Advance options for Tag filtering is to collapse the search parameter list after user selects a link or dynamic checkbox. You may also limit the display of the search options by including a See More/See Less link. If you don't wish to show Tags (search options) that are no longer assigned to your products, you can opt for these to not show.


List Uses Keyword Filtering

This display allows the user to search for products using keywords. There will be a search field that the user can type in a word to limit the results to the desired product or products. Keywords may be configured on the Product's Properties Metatag Keywords field.


Results Display 1-4 Per Row

The results display may be configured to list out 1-4 rows of products per folder (category). This gives you the flexibility to display more or less products in the space allowed in your page layouts. When you have many products and folders, the 4 row option allows for many to display on the website at a glance.


Results Display Category & Product

The results list which includes Folders (categories) & the Products List, will provide you the flexibility to include different information. You may use different options with your Products when you also have the Categories configured to display. But, if you prefer, you may include the same information you are using with the Product List.


Results Display Product List

The results of the Product list display will have the flexibility to include different information in the display. You may include any or all of the product fields, an image and designate it's size, a link to navigate to the detail, the view count, and comment & rating information. When you are building your results list, you will have the option to include paging, sorting and to set the type of sort order you prefer.


A Product Detail Display

The Product Detail display allows you to configure all the Product fields for your display. The image section provides you the flexibility to include more images and allow user to click on an image to view in zoom mode. Also available is allowing a link for navigation, the view count for how many have viewed this product and comments & rating information such as average rating and total. Since the detail display is of a specific product, no sorting or paging is necessary.


Enable Sorting

Enable sorting so user may sort their products displayed based on the different system options.


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