TITAN CMS - Data File Format Latitude/Longitude


The formats to be used in the upload file when adding Latitude and Longitude inputs to the GeoCoordinate column are listed below.


Format to use for Latitude and Longitude:

Several valid inputs are accepted. However, they must be in a single column in the file.

  • Option 1 - Provide the Latitude and Longitude decimal values separated by a comma. Always Latitude first, then Longitude.
    • 43.0440, -87.9085   (these are the coordinates for MSOE)
  • Option 2 - Provide the Latitude and Longitude decimal values separated by a comma using directional indicators rather than positive/negative values
    • 43.0440 N, 87.9085 W
    • If you provide both the negative sign and the direction that corresponds to a negative value (S for Latitude; W for Longitude), we assume you made a mistake and treat it as not having the direction indicator.
    • You may also use any of the above formats with or without a degrees symbol. We simply strip it out if it is there.
    • 43.0440° N, 87.9085° W
    • It is worth noting that we don't understand values that are in the degrees/minutes/seconds notation. It has to be a decimal value of degrees.
  • Option 3 - Provide the SQL syntax for defining a geographic point
    • POINT(-87.9085 43.0440)
    • Almost no one knows this syntax though... especially that it requires Longitude first and no direction indicators.
  • Example in File Format:

Example in Data Upload:

Example in Titan Workstation:

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