With v6.2 the Data Editor Block was added to Titan Content Management Workstation.  This block allows website logged in users to add and edit data records from the website.  In the Titan CMS workstation, data records in a file (.xml. cxv or .txt) may be processed into your Data Site.  Data records may also be manually added through the Titan CMS workstation with updates being done using a file generated from Titan or manually.  

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Working with Data

Add & Use Data

Webmasters will now be able to create Data Schemas in the Titan Administration module and configure them so users may upload and manage their data records in the Titan CMS workstation.


Data List

The Data List Template & Data List Block are used with the Data Detail block to point to a list of data records. *If any columns/table are changed where the data list template is used, a new template should be created and re-added to the data list block.


Browser Location Allow or Block

Examples of Browsers and where user may configure Location allow/block to use with proximity filter.


Data Record

Data Records may be added manually or through the upload process. The content section of a data record will have the list of columns and inputs provided for a data record. A column can be built to also upload data to a property field.


Columns & Lookups

v6.6+ Column names updates. The list of Columns & Lookup for building the Data Schema Table.


Data Schema Table

The Data Schema encompasses a Table & Columns and is assigned to a Data Site. One Schema-Table may be used per a Data Site.


Data Browse Views

The Data default Browse View will be titled using the Schema-Table Name Info, example "Workshop Info". The column titles use the column's Data Upload Heading and the first 4-5 column's Data Upload Headings will display.


Data Search in Workstation

A search for a Data Record in the Titan CMS workstation requires the column to be connected to a searchable property field, this will allow searching on data records in Titan CMS workstation. An Advance Search will not search column data on the content section, but will search on columns connected to properties.


Data Control Types v6.6

A list of Data Control Types and their configurations, which are used in building the table columns. New titles as of v6.6


Data Site

You may add a Data Site for your data records. On the Data Site you can also enable linking for your folders and data records from this new data site.


Data Detail

The Data Detail Template & Data Detail Block are used with the Data List block to point to the specific data record. *If any columns/table are changed where the data detail template is used, a new template should be created and re-added to the data detail block.


Manually Add Data Record

Data Records may be manually added through Titan CMS workstation instead of using the Upload Data process. The benefit of adding through Titan is the inputs added will be in the correct format structure.


Data Editor

The exciting new TitanCMS Data Editor block allows a website logged in user to enter data records from a website.


Upload Data Instructions

Instructions found under the question mark on the Upload Data dialog. These instructions explain options for the upload process for file of data records.


Data File Format Lat-Long

The formats to be used in upload file when adding Latitude and Longitude inputs to the GeoCoordinate column are provided as help.


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