TITAN CMS - Add New Globe Checklist

The checklist will be a dynamic list with updates periodically, such as for a version release.


There are many configurations needed when creating and setting up a Site Globe.  In the Titan Workstation, there are sometimes more than one way to accomplish a task, this list hopes to provide a checklist as a guide.  When available, each step can be clicked to view more detail. There may be steps that require engineering or the design group to complete.  The checklist will be a dynamic list with updates periodically, such as for a version release.

  1. Select the Titan Administration module
  2. Create any of the options you desire to use in Your Globe:
    1. Add Website Rules for Login-Registration in the Account Configuration *There is one Set of Rules for All Websites in workstation..Read More
    2. Create New Tags & Attributes.. Read More
    3. Create New Security Groups..Read More
    4. Create New Theme..Read More
    5. Create Comment & Rating Form.. Read More
    6. Build Data Schema, Table, Columns, Templates, etc....Read More
    7. Create Ranges...Read More
    8. Email for Password & text configuration in Global Parameters:
      1. Common Site Configuration - ContactBlockSourceEmail
      2. Common Site Configuration - ContactBlockWkstURL
      3. Request Engineer to update text in XML in Account Configuration cmsDatabase Table. *Password expire text changes require development to make change in XSL, request quote for change if desired.
  3. Add New Globe
  4. Areas to configure for your Globe:
    1. Change Theme for Globe
    2. Add Primary Display DNS (Domain Name)
    3. Request Engineering to set new IIS site
    4. Add Default Site Logo
    5. Add Default Logo Link
    6. Add Default Logo Alt Text *may not display (page part)
    7. Add Page Title Prefix
    8. Add Favorite Icon
    9. Add Default Search Page
    10. Add Default Search Index
    11. Add Default Login Page
    12. Add Terms of Use
    13. Add Default Registration Page
    14. Add Content Footer Text
    15. Request Design Group to update the CSS if desired
    16. Request Design Group to edit the ASCX file to include unique URL if desired
    17. Activate Tags
    18. Activate Security
    19. Activate Comments & Ratings
    20. If for Mobile Device, configure re-direct.
    21. Add Google Tracking for Analytics with code snippet.
    22. Add to Scheduled Jobs a dtSearch - Create
    23. Add to Scheduled Jobs a dtSearch - Update
    24. Run Job after content is all added before going Live.
    25. Add to Schedule Jobs Rebuild Where Used - Where Used
    26. Configure Data Detail URL as default URL.
    27. Configure Data Editor URL as Default Edit Page
  5. Save and Refresh Site State
  6. Recommend to verify configurations:
    1. Activation (Start Date)
    2. Expiration (What's New End Date)
    3. dtSearch (content text) or metadata (page name, keyword)
    4. Email (Register on a form)
    5. Add Comments review on dashboard
    6. Workflow Emails (Author, Editor)
    7. Upload file(s) to File Pile
    8. Captcha on Form
    9. Website Register, Process new user, Login *Use Management Module
    10. N/A Event Database *Add Events - *Use Data Schema/Site
    11. N/A Product Database *Add Products - *Use Data Schema/Site
    12. Each block style drop down is populated
    13. Review new dashboard widget Files Not Used before & after running job.
    14. Review file browse view Where Used before & after running job.
    15. Build Data Schema, Table, add data records, etc.
Prerequisite Steps

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.
  2. The Titan Login screen will appear.
  3. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  4. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  5. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application should open to the Titan Web Content Management Module.
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