TITAN CMS - Hints - Data Sites


A list of of hints to assist you in working with Data Sites.

Hints - Data Sites:
  1. See Designer for custom display of Data List & Detail.
  2. A change to table columns may result in needing to create new Template.
  3. Removal of Template in use, requires you to update the Data List &/or Detail blocks to point to new Template.
  4. Missing Data DocID for data site will result in Server Error in display.  Verify DocID is configured.
  5. Working with large quantity of data in Titan may result in time out, work with smaller data set.
  6. A change was made to data uploader so it unchecks the Hide Missing Item option if there are failures or canceled items.  User can manually check Hide Missing Items if desired if process failed or user canceled.
  7. Review checklist for configuring your data.
  8. When using Data Editor for public to submit data records without login, remember to set the database workflow for Public Author access or desired group.
  9. Data column input shows in browse view but doesn't show in content.  *This happens when a particular piece of configuration in the Data Columns gets corrupted.  

In this screen shot, you can see the column has a field called XPath Extractor. The highlighted word “Family” is supposed to match the Table name. Their table is named MemberDirectory. So when the wkst loads the form for edit, it can’t find the data in the XML.

The easiest way I have for fixing it is to go through the columns, and when you find one that is wrong, change the value in the Column Name field. When the focus changes off that field, you’ll get this message. Clicking OK goes through and fixes the config fields so they are correct with the new column name. After clicking ok, change the column name back to the original. Click OK at the dialog again, and OK on the column config dialog. After touching all the columns, Save and Refresh.

10.   When building a Schema/Table and columns and if using more than 1 date column type (Input for a Date; Input for a Date and Time; Input for a Date and Time with Recurrence:

  • If the field you use for the calendar filter is a recurring date field, you will get the occurrence date in the results.
  • If the field you use is not a recurring date, then the recurring date field would only be able to show the text version of the recurring pattern. But to show it, you have to change the XSL.
  • The other Date field types should show their values. The date formatting can be altered in the XSL

11.  The Calendar Filter may be used with 1 Recurrence column type.  Although there is nothing preventing user from building more than 1 Input for Date and Time with Recurrence column type in a table, they will only be able to use one calendar filter in the block and thus filter only against one recurrence column.

12.   Data Browse Views with Dates:

  • The system defined browse view for Data sites is sorted first by Display Order, and second by Page Name. After that, it is whatever order the database query returns them.
  • In TitanCMS, we don't add any of the custom columns to the default sort.
  • In TitanCMS, possible columns that could be added are Workstation Name or DocID but would need developer custom work.

13.  Data Upload - only match against Page URL not Alias URL.  If the Page URL doesn’t match the parent Page URL it should get weeded out.

14. Data Size Warning for Upload - Columns containing a large number of characters (i.e. Freeform Editor, Basic text input (large), Input for Raw XML) will be truncated by Microsoft Excel if the character count exceeds 32,767. As a result, the data upload file can become corrupted.

15.  Data Editor and Hide - Hiding a Database that is being used as the source in a Data Editor, data records will still be able to be submitted to database.

16.  Use of Input for a Date and with Recurrence, a data record set with an "Exclude" and a Count for Occurrences, the count will include the exclude(s).  For example,  if your configuration is set to 4 occurrences, and exclude one date that falls in those four occurrence, there will be 3 results of occurrences in display.

17.  The Calendar Filter or Range Filter will not be used in the Segmented Search at this time.  There is a Data Filter to be used.  Future plans may include enhancements or a remake of the Segmented Search block.

18.  Data Editor and Content Picker -  When on the website and adding or editing a data record, any field (column) using a content picker requires user to be logged in.  The public access to creating data records through Data Editor will limit those columns with a content picker to a login.

19.  A column type RAW XML that has input in field, that data record with input results in a browse view with "View Details" Link.  The link is clickable to view the RAW XML.

20.   Display of Occurrences - Is always going to be up to the developer. There is base support for showing a simple occurrence date and/or the same human readable text version that you see in the workstation.

21.  Save/Publish behavior when changing a Data Record - The validation step can’t discern between save and publish… simply a single “edit session”.  So if you were to try changing it multiple times before saving/publishing, then it would not warn you again. After a save/publish, it should warn you.

22.   Valid Dates with Date & Time with Recurrence - TitanCMS will not validate that user configures valid exclude dates to the recurrence pattern entered.  It will be user's responsibility to enter valid dates.

23.   Using the Date & Time with Recurrence through a Calendar filter, the initial display of results follow rules. 

  1.  The 1 year rule is only for the calculation of occurrences in a “date forward” context. In other words, this rule only applies when one end of the date range isn’t specified.
    For example:
    •    The end of the Initial Range is “No End Date”
    •    You click on a specific date in the calendar widget
    •    You change months on the calendar widget
    •    You specify only a “From” value in the From/To widget
    •    You specify only a “To” value in the From/To widget
  2.  The 1 year rule does not apply to calculation of occurrences when there are hard limits on From and To.
    •    When clicking through the months using the Month-to-Month widget, it calculates all the occurrences for that month (28-31 days)
    •    When specifying Initial Range, it is the number of days difference between the From and To… not to exceed 2048.
    •    When specifying dates with the From/To widget, it is the number of days difference between the From and To… again, not to exceed 2048 days.
  3. The rule for the max number of results is always 1000.
    •    You won’t get all the occurrences for 1000 data records. You get 1000 results. They could be from all the same data record or from multiple records, depending on the sort order.

*The date forward behavior is expected to be the most common scenario. 

*User can configure anything they want for Initial results.  On display, as soon as user advances to a different month, it switches to show only results from that month forward.

* Date Range filters compared to Calendar filters are constrained to showing items with a Date that occurs in the current year. 

24.  Calendar Initial Results:

  • Days =  +/-365 days 
  • Hours =  -168 to 168 (week)

25.  Calendar Initial Results:

  • If you use “Specific Date (Time optional)” for the To date and leave the Time empty, it treats it as 11:59 PM.
  • If you use “Specific Date (Time optional)” for the From date and leave the Time empty, it treats it as 12:00 AM.

26.  Calendar Initial Results:

  • Days treated as 24 hours periods
  • Hours treated as 60 minute periods

27.   Calendar Initial Results:

  • TitanCMS system does not fill-in the From and To fields based on what you set in the initial filter. 

28.  Calendar Initial Results:

  • Keep in mind that “Today” is not “Now”.
  • If you select “Today” you are saying midnight of the current day. So 18 hours from “Today” would be between midnight and 6:00 PM

29.  Calendar filter will be the only filter that accommodates Recurring Dates.

  •  When you are configuring the filters, Calendar Filter should be available for Date, DateTime, and Recurring Date columns. Again, you can only choose one.
  •  When you are configuring Date Range, it will only be available if there are Date or DateTime columns that could be used with it.
  • If you try to setup a Calendar Filter on a Date or DateTime, you could also use that field with a Date Range filter… but beware that contradictory selections may give unexpected results

30.  Calendar Initial Results:

  • The “days from today” does NOT mean days in the past.  So, 31 days from today is 31 days into the future.
  • If you want to go into the past, use a negative number.

31.  Calendar Initial Results:

  • Date Format = mm/dd/yyyy
  • Time Format = hh:mm AM/PM

32.  TitanCMS System Valid Dates:

  • Past valid date = 01/01/1901
  • Future valid date =  12/31/2400

33.  Input for Date and Time with Recurrences - Data Record's Occurrences field is limited to max 99 

34.  Data Record's Recurrence:

  • When there is no start date and no start time, the date is set to “today” and the time is set to “the next 30min increment”. So if it is 2:57 PM when you click the button, it should set to 3:00 PM. If it is 3:06 PM it should be set to 3:30 PM. 
  • When there is already a start date selected, but no time, it shouldn’t set the time field to anything.
  • When you save the changes, if the time field is empty (either because you didn’t fill it in, or if you cleared out the value), that is treated as 12:00 AM. The next time it loads, you’ll see it changed to 12:00 AM. 

35.  Data Record's Recurrence:

  • When you “Remove Recurrence” it should only take away the recurrence configuration, leaving only the date/time, whatever it was before clicking Remove Recurrence.

36.  Data Record's Recurrence:

  • The Recurrence dialog will open where it opens and can’t be dragged around.

37.  Data Column type does not have time so system uses 12:00 midnight

38.  TitanCMS workstation 'Paging' configuration through blocks are now limited to max 500 items per page. 

39.  See Front End Designer for custom styling the Data List - Calendar filter display.

40.  Review iCAl Standards.

41.  Preview is not available for Data Records.

42.  To find Latitude and Longitude for address, you can use the following:


43.  V6.7 Data Upload - now defaults to box checked for "Skip Workflow".    It is like the “Webmaster Save” button at the top.  Skip Workflow allows you to save changes to the active version.   So the key difference is that you can make changes without having to go through all the publish steps. The only thing that doesn’t change is the workflow state.  With Data site content this is the most common scenario. When you have data content in other systems, want to bring it into Titan as exported from another system, using skip workflow is the best option.  the result is your system is not bogged down with lots of old versions as a result of regular imports.


Chart for Data Upload 

*Column Types & Special Characters Validation:

Column Type

Data Upload Dialog Validation

Data Upload Results Example:

Text 1 Line

NO - Allows all special characters


Text Area

NO - Allows all special characters


Check Box

NO - Allows all special characters but ignores since expecting Yes/No



YES *If no property connection.  *If connected to property, then system date used.


Date and Time


Failed: Conversion failed when converting date and /or time from character string

Date, Time w/Recurrence


Failed: Invalid data detected – DATE_TIME_RECUR

External KEY

NO - Allows all special characters  *Stops only duplicates



NO - Allows all special characters


Multiple Files


Failed: Invalid data detected – FILES_MULTIPLE

Freeform Popup

NO - Allows all special characters


Freeform Embed

NO - Allows all special characters


Geographic Coordinate (Lat/Long)


Failed: Invalid data detected – LAT_LONG



Failed: Invalid data detected – LINKS_ALL_CONTENT


NO – Allows all special characters and will assign to data record


Number Decimal/Currency

NO  - For the number fields, system ignores the input data if it isn’t numeric


Number Integer

NO  - For the number fields, system ignores the input data if it isn’t numeric


Radio Buttons

NO -  For radio buttons, the only values that matter are those that are defined as options. Any value that isn’t one of the options is ignored.




Failed: Invalid data detected - XML



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