TITAN CMS - Data Upload - Add Missing/New Attributes

Illustration of process to add missing and new attributes; Titan Roles for process and Helpful Hints!


Data records with new attributes may be included as part of the data upload file process as of v6.7.

User Groups and Data Upload with New/Missing Attributes:
  • CMSAdmins -  Allowed access to add Lookup Attributes
  • ContentAdmins -  Allowed access to add Lookup Attributes
  • Everyone -  Not allowed access to Workstation
  • SmartSearchAdmin -  No access to Database, can’t add attributes
  • UserAdmin -  No access to Database, can’t add attributes
  • Webmaster -  Full access, allowed access to add Lookup Attributes


Helpful Information:
  • New attributes from file are able to be viewed using the view link.  Use hide to switch back to original view.
  • New attributes should get added even if the data record save fails.
  • New attribute(s) will be assigned to successfully saved data record, based on file.
  • If there are no new attributes in file, the view/hide will be disabled.
  • If there are some new attributes, but another Lookup does not have a new attribute, only the new attribute will display in the upload screen view.
  • Multiple attributes may be included in one data record, use the | bar to separate attributes in file cell.
  • The order of the multiple attributes doesn't matter, but they will show in Titan in alpha order.
  • Only one new attribute will be added if there are duplicates.  Validation takes into account upper & lower case.  Example:  Hawaii, HaWaIi, hawaii  would only be entered one time.  The first one in list would be added.
  • Single Lookup will only allow for one attribute on data record.  An upload warning message will display if more than one attribute.
  • Special Characters are allowed.
  • ~ms per item or time remaining indicator -  doesn’t calculate it right away. It needs a sample of results first. On large data sets (greater than 1000 items) it will update every 100 items.
  • Upload Timer:  The estimated time remaining is based on the average time per item over the last 100 (or so) items. If the server starts taking longer (due to heavy traffic) then the time remaining could increase.  It is just a rough estimate.

Example: File with single and multiple attributes

Example:  Data Upload - view link, checkbox to add new/missing attributes

Example: Data Records in file with multiple new/missing attributes 

Example: View of list for new/missing attributes with hide link

Example: Lookup before adding new/missing attributes

Example: Lookup after adding new/missing attributes

Example: Data Records with assigned attributes

Example:  Data Upload and disabled Add New Attributes *No new attributes in file to be uploaded

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