The Basic text input (1 line) column type may be used for names, short description, etc and is recommended for column linking for the following:

  • Own Column
  • Page Name - Titan Property
  • Page URL - Titan Property
  • Workstation Name - Titan Property
  • Credited Author - Titan Property

* When connected to a Titan Property, editing this field through Data List or Data Detail with Data Editor, will then edit the property it is connected to.

  1. In your Table, select the Basic text input (1 line) and click the green arrow, the dialog to build this column type will display.
  2. Select from dropdown the Column Linking.  *You can build column as a link to a Titan Property field, or as it's own column.
  3. Enter a Column Name *No spaces or special characters allowed, message will display.
  4. Update the Default Description to provide any additional details.  This information is accessible on the content section in the workstation when adding records through Titan to Data Site.
  5. Set your Options:
    1. Allow Workstation Edit (default checked) - In the Web Content Management module where data records reside, a valid Titan user may edit the data record column/field.  If Titan user shouldn't edit column/field, uncheck.
    2. Allow Upload (default checked) - In the Web Content Management module, the Upload of file will be allowed for this column/field.  If the column/field shouldn't allow uploading to, uncheck.
  6. Enter the Data Upload Heading *This name will be used on the file for the upload and must match exactly if creating your own file. The Data Upload Heading also appears in the Session Edit History Tab and in the Data Editor as a label if Label is not provided.
  7. Optional, enter a Label *The text that appears above the editable field in the Data Editor. If not provided, the Data Upload Heading will be used.
  8. Optional, enter a Title *The hover text for the Label. If not provided, the Data Upload Heading will be used.
  9. Check the configurations desired for the Data blocks.

  *Click the blue Question Mark Icon and the Default Description for the column will display. Example: Name column description

File's Data Upload Heading Example:

Configurations for Data Block:

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