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Webmasters will now be able to create Data Schemas in the Titan Administration module and configure them so users may upload and manage their data records in the Titan CMS workstation.    The display of data is accomplished with Display Templates, Relationships & Blocks.


Data Blocks:

     Data Editor
    Data List
  Data Detail



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Working with Data Schemas & Display....

Prepare & Organize

It's quick & easy to build a data schema in TitanCMS! To help get you started, below are some questions to get you thinking of what you might need for your new data site.


Step 1 - Add Data Schema

Give your Data Schema a Name.


Step 2 - Add Data Table & Columns

Name your table and build your column types. The table is the foundation of what information you will be retaining from your records. The table & columns will be where most of the setup occurs. Details for each column type are available from this section. Relationships are enabled on valid column type and used with 2 different tables under a schema.


Step 3 - Add Data Site & Linking

Give your Data Site a Name and configure linking.


Step 4 - Add Data Binding Mode

For your Data Site select the Schema mode and table to use.


Step 5 - Upload Data & Instructions

In the Web Content Management module, add records & use a downloaded file to add/update records and Upload to new Data Site.


Step 6 - Add Data Editor Template

The Data Editor Template is used in the Data Editor block for providing an editor to add data records on the website. In v6.2 a link was also included in the Data Editor block that allows user to access Titan Admin Templates and create template while in the block.


Step 7 - Add Data Editor Block

The exciting updated TitanCMS block now allows a website user to enter data records from a website.


Step 8 - Add Default Edit Page

This is a Database configuration to add the page URL where Data Editor is built. This configuration will specify the destination page for the edit links that are configured in the Data List and Data Detail blocks. The page URL entered must contain a Data Editor block that is configured to support editing the data from this Data Site.


Step 9 - Add Data Detail Template

The Data Detail Template is used in the Data Detail block for display purpose on the website.


Step 10 - Add Data Detail Block & Default

The Data Detail is a new content block that can be used to present a detailed view of user-defined data content. The Data List block links to either the default location or specific page of the Data Detail.


Step 11 - Add Data List Template

The Data List Template is used in the Data List block for display purpose on the website.


Step 12 - Add Data List Block

The Data List is a list block that uses some of the familiar features of Titan's Filter block to present a consistent list of user-defined data records. This display is dependent on a Data List Template to present the data list. You may build column types to allow configurable options in the list block. In the v6.2 version the Data List block now allows for logged in user on website to edit data records. This functionality is built in conjunction with the Data Editor block.


Step 13 - View Data on Website

The Workshop data list example is a work-in-progress. The example illustrates the potential display of data records to a website. See designer for custom display of data.


Step 14 - Add Data in Workstation

Data records may be manually added in the TitanCMS workstation or uploaded using a file to a data site.


Step 15 - Add Data on Website

v6.3 Public access to submit data records through Data Editor without a Login is now available. Website users who will be allowed to w edit data records on the website will need to log in. The force of the log in is part of the development for v6.2. If user attempts to access page with Data Editor, the log in page will display when user is not logged in.


Step 16 - Edit Data on Website

Website users who will be allowed to add and edit data records on the website will need to log in.


Step 17 - Add Securtiy & Login

Since adding and editing data from a website requires login, it is recommended that security be used on pages with the Data Editor, List & Detail blocks and the Data Site that stores the data records. If no security is in place, the login is forced at time of page load on website for the Data Editor. If no security is in place, the Data List and Data Detail pages will display with no Edit link.


Other Information:

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Add Relationships

v6.8 Relationship able to be defined with one table or between two tables. v6.6 & v6.7 Relationships allow you to define how content from two Data Tables under 1 Schema are related. Content is related by establishing links, correlating data values, or using Tags and Lookups. Relationships are used by the Data Detail block to combine content from the related Tables and display it on a single page.


Data Upload - Add Missing/New Attributes

Data records with new attributes may be included as part of the data upload file process as of v6.7.


Hints - Data Sites

A list of of hints to assist you in working with Data Sites.


Upload iCal - ICS Naming Standards

In the Workstation, users can upload event content that was exported in standard iCal format (.ICS file) from third party calendar tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. The data table/schema Data Upload Heading must follow standards. See chart on this page for help.


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