The Latitude and Longitude inputs follow standard formats which are listed below.

Latitude and Longitude Rules

To enter the Latitude Longitude input:

  1. Use direction indicator N or S for Latitude
  2. Use direction indicator E or W for Longitude
  3. The Negative symbol may be used instead of a direction indicator, but don't use both
  4. Negative symbol for Longitude represents W
  5. Negative symbol for Latitude represents S
  6. Use a decimal value, not a whole number
  7. Latitude is negative when describing position south of the equator 
  8. Longitude is negative when describing position west of the Prime meridian 
  9. Valid Latitude -90.000000 to 90.000000
  10. Valid Longitude -180.000000 to 180.000000
  11. Field does not accept degree, minutes or seconds as inputs.
  12. If you add an input with less than 6 inputs after the decimal place, TitanCMS will add a zero in it's place for each missing input.
  13. If you add more than 6 up to 10 inputs after the decimal place, TitanCMS will strip extra inputs beyond 6.
  14. If you add 11 or more inputs after the decimal place, there is a possibility that rounding may occur.
  15. If using the N, S, E, W TitanCMS Content view will not show direction but will show negative when applicable.  The Browse view will indicate direction.
    1. Browse View Examples:

  1. Content View Examples:

  1. Example of Upload file with Geographic Coordinate inputs: *If no input, the "POINT EMPTY" will display in field.

Convert Address to Latitude and Longitude

Link to Tool

  1. Enter Address
  2. Click on Show Map
  3. View Latitude and Longitude results

Link to International Tool

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