TITAN CMS - Blocks

Blocks are used to build content on a page of your website. 

Blocks are used to build content on a page of your website.  A page may be built from one or more blocks.  Custom blocks are also able to be created and integrated into your website. 

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Working with Blocks

Add a New Block

New blocks are added into the TitanCMS workstation through the Titan Administration module. These blocks will be used to build your content on your pages for your website.


Activate Block

To be able to use new blocks added into the TitanCMS workstation, blocks need to be made active. Blocks are activated through the Titan Administration module per each website.


Configure Block's Display Options

These configurable options can be enabled or disabled in the block. The enabled options will be available to use when building the block. The block options are used for the the website display.


Build Content with Blocks

Content is built in the Web Content Management module and uses the activated blocks on your website pages. There are multiple types of blocks that are used to accomplish different tasks and to create different displays of your content.


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