Titan Administration

This module is used to assign system parameters that are used throughout the rest of the TitanCMS modules and to determine the design and layout of the display side of the website.

The Titan Administration module is used to assign system parameters that are used throughout the rest of the TitanCMS modules and to determine the design and layout of the display side of the website. As of v6.8 the Search Indexes have been moved into the new Smart Search Module.


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Working with the Titan Administration Module

Account Configuration

The Account Configuration is used to set site registration, to require processing of registrations, and to set the type of login and password options. These settings apply to all users for all content sites in your TitanCMS instance.



Blocks are used to build content on a page of your website. A page may be built from one or more blocks. Custom blocks are also able to be created and integrated into your website.


Comments & Ratings

The Comments & Ratings form is created in the Titan Administration module. The Comment and Rating form may be assigned to a page on your website to gather comments and ratings from your users. The Comments and Ratings maybe processed through the Commenting Workstation module.


Content Sites

A Content Site maps to a website in Internet Information Server. A URL is associated with a content site. If you have more than one site within your TitanCMS system you will see them displayed as a separate "globe". You can setup an unlimited number of content sites in your TitanCMS instance.


Data Control Types v6.6

A list of Data Control Types and their configurations, which are used in building the table columns. New titles as of v6.6


Data Schemas

Webmasters will now be able to create Data Schemas in the Titan Administration module and configure them so users may upload and manage their data records into the Titan CMS workstation. Use Tables, Columns, Templates & Relationships to build your data sites.


Data Sites

A data site is a grouping of data records (e.g., Events, Products, Contacts, etc.). Within Titan Administration, the configuration and accessibility to this data is defined.


File Piles

A file pile is a group of files where a file can represent any media type (e.g., image, document, audio file, video file, etc.). These files can be grouped into folders and sub folders, as desired.


File Types

The File Types is a list of files that are configured to be used in the workstation. A display name, mime type, default icon and prompt for login are configured for each file type.


Global Parameters

Global Parameters allow you to configure and fine tune the operation of your Titan CMS. The values are stored within the AppContol database and, through this workstation, can be grouped into categories. With this workstation you may add your own categories and your own parameters.


Page Action Bar

The Page Action Bar is used to take action for changes made in the Titan Administration module. These icons will be enabled/disabled depending upon your security settings and tasks you are performing.


Page Layouts

A Theme's Page Layout defines the page elements and their position on the page. The CSS is used to customize the colors and fonts for each of your sites.


Range Filters

Range Filters are used to filter text or numeric entries from data records. Data columns must be configured with the Range Filtering and a Data List block may include the Range filter for that configured data field.


Scheduled Jobs

The Scheduled Jobs is a list of job names with details of the schedule, next run, last run and last status for both system and manual jobs. You can kick off the job from this screen and also stop a run if needed.


Search Indexes

As of v6.8 the Search Indexes have been moved into the new Smart Search Module. Search Indexes create and maintain full text indexes of documents and data. Anything that contains text can be indexed, even databases. It handles very large collections of documents.



Security Groups are used to apply security or workflow settings to multiple users and content. Display security limits who can access content based on the group assigned. Workflow Security allows you to set who can add or edit content in the workstation. The login controls the display of the content.


Site Summary

The Site Summary contains license, site and database information. Details include License level, total user, content sites, document count, SQL server version, total files on disk and site audit usage.



Tags are created in Titan Administration and assigned to items in Web Content Management to allow for filtering on the website. Tags are also used to allow for user preference settings at registration.



A Theme is a collection of page layouts and CSS files which provide the style and navigation for the site. A TitanCMS installation may have many themes but a given site has only one theme assigned. The Theme will determine what page layouts are available to use and assign through the Properties Tab.


Titan Admin Left Nav Tree

The Titan Administration left nav tree is used to access the different options for configuring your globe, database, files and more. v6.8 The Search Indexes were moved to the new Smart Search module Admin section.


WYSIWYG Templates

5.5 WYSIWYG Templates option added to the Titan Administration module left nav tree. This option allows you to change what templates show up in the CK editor template button. Your developer, builds the file, gets the syntax right (pickier than page layouts), does a refresh of the app vars and you get a different set of templates. There is one set of customer-specific templates per system, it is not configured by site.


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