Smart Search

Version 6.7 and prior

The v6.7 and prior versions Smart Search Module instructions are found in this section.  You can use this information to override indexed search results, defining specific pages/files to display on top when a specific keyword is entered.  The Smart Search module is used with the Search Results block and the Segmented Search block.  Other blocks that could have a keyword search would use the pages, files, events and products Properties Metatag Keywords.

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Working with Searches

Add Keyword

v6.7 and prior: Add Keywords to assist in user's search to produce intended results.


Add Keyword Phrase

v6.7 and prior: Add Keyword Phrase to assist in user's search to produce intended results.


Change Order of Results

v6.7 and prior: Manage how the results will display by moving items up or down in the results list your users will view on the website.


Delete Keyword

v6.7 and prior: Keywords that have been added may be removed by deleting them.


dtSearch Configuration Example

Example of the Documentation Globes dtSearch configurations.


dtSearch Index Job

The dtSearch index when used in Titan instance for search results, uses the dtSearch Index scheduled job which needs to run after new information is added or changed.


Edit Results

v6.7 and prior: Edit allows you to change the item's managed result set for Page Name, Description and Metatag Keywords.


How to use Smart Search

Version 6.7 and prior, view an illustration and set up for managing searched terms on your website and placing preferred pages in the top section of the results.



v6.7 and prior: To link to other items, use Insert. Insert is using the new Content dialog (v6.2) and includes 3 tabs: Managed Search, Content and External.


Linking to MRS

v6.7 and prior: You are able to link an unmanaged searched keyword to an existing Managed Result Set, by clicking Link to an MRS.


Managed Result Set

v6.7 and prior: The Managed Result Set (MRS) allows you to change the order of the result for a term, associate a term to another term and to add terms that are not part of list. Managed Result Sets are built in the smart search module and contain the terms your users are searching.


Metadata Index

Metadata Index is included with your Titan instance. There is no further intervention to build the Metadata Index. When using Metadata Index, the Search Results block on display side will search your content's propertie's Page Title, Metatag Keyword and Description. In order to search content, use the dtSearch Index instead and run job when content is added or changed.


Metadata Search

Metadata provides context for data; data about data. Search engine results is the listing of web pages returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query. Major search engines primarily use content contained in the within the Metatag Keyword of the web page.


Page Action Bar

The Page Action Bar is listed next to the TitanCMS module selector. The Page Action Bar items will display based on your login and module. The action items will be enabled when they become available to use in the workstation process.


Search Results Block

The Search Results Block pertains to the results a user gets by entering a search term in the search box on the website. In base TitanCMS the system is set up to display search results on the same page regardless of where in the site the user has requested the search. Common uses are: Organic site search, File Library search and Event Calendar search.


Segmented Search Block

Segmented Search is a powerful search block that lets you group search results into different types of content and from different areas of your site. Searches on a specific term might return a mix of news, events, documents, images, videos, etc, and with Segmented Search the results will be grouped based on segment types built. Segmented Search also provides flexibility to configure filters for users to use in controlling results in a more useful way.



v6.7 and prior: Your Smart Seartch results may be viewed in in the TitanCMS workstation in four ways: Top, Alpha, Recent and Live.


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