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New Version 6.8


List of Search Phrases from website that may be managed as a Feature, Card or Direct result.  You may view how many times the Search Phrase landed in results and number of time a user clicked it from the results.  In this section you are also able to add keywords to manage results along with an option to change a Featured item's Title and Description just for the Smart Search Results.  The sort order may be changed for Feature and Card types when more than one are listed.

  1. Select Smart Search module
  2. Select Index
  3. Select Keywords & Results and view right pane.

  1. Search Log:
    1. Search Phrase *Phrase or input that was searched on your website
    2. Start Pages *Page user was on your website when search performed
      1. Click icon to view page URL
      2. Click red x on right to close

  1. # of Searches  *Number of times someone searched for that term. Timeframe is the selected date range.
  2. % of Searches  *Percentage of searches that were for that term.  Timeframe is the selected date range.
  3. Clearing counts is accomplished by clearing Search Log which is done through Database Cleanup task in Titan Administration module Scheduled Jobs.
  4. % Calculation - Divide the Number of Searches by the total within date range (and multiply by 100 to get the percentage).
  5. If result is actually ie. 100.10% it is a matter of rounding up or down for the display.
  6. Last Date & Time Searched  *Last date & time that search phrase was searched on website
  7. M indicates Managed  *Link will no longer be listed
  8. Edit Search Phrase:
    1. Select Edit for ie. Audit
    2. Manage from Organic to Feature, Direct, or Card Type

  1. Manage by Adding Keywords
    1. The Add Keyword box is for both adding and linking.  If the keyword you add is already in the system, you are basically just linking.  If keyword doesn't exist in the system, you are creating it and linking it in one step.
      1. To add Keyword enter keyword in input field
      2. Select Green icon to add 
      3. Save

  1. Review "Property" Keyword was added successfully.

  1. Verify - Search on Website new keyword "Property" and verify results include Audit.

  1. Remove added Keyword to Search Phrase:
    1. Select Search Phrase
    2. Click on red icon to remove Keyword
    3. Save

  1. Review Removed Keyword

  1. Manage Order of Results: 
    1. Feature and Card types may only be ordered when more than 1 are listed.
    2. Click on managed Featured type
    3. Use Up/Down Arrow to move to desired sort order in results.
    4. Click on managed Card type
    5. Use Up/Down arrow to move to desired sort order in results.
    6. Direct managed result is only 1 result.  The remaining results will be disabled/grayed out.
    7. Organic are not managed results, the sort up/down is grayed out.

  1. Impressions & Clicks:
    1. Select a Search Phrase & Edit
    2. The Property Audit is not required to track impressions or clicks for Smart Search.Impressions are the number of times the search phrase displayed in the search results.
    3. Clicks are the number of times the search phrase was selected from the search results to view more details.
    4. Managed Card Types will not recognize Clicks since they are rendered on the search result page directly (no click needed).  Card types will be tracked in Impression since they displayed in the results list.
    5. Managed Direct Types will not recognize Impressions since they bypass Search Results and are rendered directly.  Direct types will be tracked in Clicks since they are automatically Clicked. 

  1. Link to Manage Search Phrase:
    1. The Link is for connecting one specific keyword to a set of results.  Once it is Linked the Link is hidden.
    2. Limitation:  After adding Link the list needs to refresh so the the user will be taken to the list of results not the Search Phrase being worked on.
      1. Click Link of Search Phrase
      2. Search for Keyword ie. NWS-120
      3. Select NWS-120
      4. OK


  1. Title or Description:
    1. The Title & Descriptions will only display in the Smart Search results, the change does not impact the actual item.
    2. Only Feature types will be able to have Title &/or Description changed.
    3. Click on the Star to view Open option
    4. Click Open icon 
    5. Make changes *Note the checkbox is unchecked so that changes in Title &/or Description will be used.
    6. Save your work
    7. Click on the Star Close

  1. Create Browse views:
    1. Select drop down
    2. Select Create Browse View
    3. Select from available fields
    4. Give browse view a name
    5. Set browse view as Personal (Your login only) or Global (all logins)
    6. Save Work
    7. View new Browse View

  1. Keyword Results - Download Results:
    1. Select the icon on right
    2. Excel will display with information *The manage indicator will not be retained in this report.
    3. Upload option is not available with this report.



Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.
  2. The Titan Login screen will appear.
  3. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  4. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  5. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application should open to the Titan Web Content Management Module.
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