TITAN CMS - Smart Search - Admin

New Version 6.8


The Admin section is the new location to configure your Search Index for pages, files or data.  This area also includes the dtSearch or Metadata search setup and links to Titan Admin jobs.  Prior to the v6.8 release, the index resided in the Titan Administration module.  Secuirty is by group assignment for the Smart Search module and not specific to an Index.

  1. Select the Smart Search module
  2. Select Index
    1. Add Index
    2. Delete Index
  3. Select Admin
  4. Configure desired General Index Information by checking the checkbox.  Item will be included in search results if it's Property Index is checked:
    1. Pages
    2. Files
    3. Data.
    4. Index Name
    5. Index ID auto pulls and isn't editable
    6. Index type:
      1. Metadata
      2. dtSearch
    7. Description
    8. Associated Jobs *If the links to Create & Update jobs are not listed and labeled go to the Titan Admin module Jobs section and add jobs. * Titan Admin user rights required to add and access these links.
      1. Create Index Job
      2. Update Index Job
      3. Disk Refresh
  5. dtSearch Indexing Information:
    1. Configurable Items
    2. Fuzzy Searching
    3. Search String Matching
    4. dtSearch Indexing - Fields to Return
    5. Max Documents to Return
    6. dtSearch Retrieval - Fields to Return
    7. Raw dtSearch HTML Config
  6. Save &/or Publish/Refresh your work

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.
  2. The Titan Login screen will appear.
  3. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  4. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  5. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application should open to the Titan Web Content Management Module.
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