New Smart Search

New Version 6.8

The new v6.8 Smart Search module has been revamped and is able to provide greater insight into the effectiveness of your site search. The new Index Dashboard can be arranged with desired widgets, and contains information on daily searches, popular search terms, and search start pages. You can also see how often a search result is presented to users, and how often a result is clicked. 

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Working with v6.8 Smart Search

Add Index

v6.8 How to add an Index in the Smart Search module. The Index may be configured with desired Pages, Files and Data. Metadata or dtSearch Types are available. Metadata Type is usually used for sites with 100 pages or less.


Managed Result Types

Searched terms that land in new Smart Search module may display as Organic (not managed) or managed as a Feature, Direct or Card Type. Feature will display the managed item at top of list, while Direct type will take user directly to item and not present list of results. The Card is a special display where the content blocks of the page will display within list of results. The blocks that may be used for Card are Data Detail, FAQ and Freeform. A Card example is to display contact information in a results list so user doesn't have to perform another click to find this information.



he Admin section is the new location to configure your Search Index for pages, files or data. This area also includes the dtSearch or Metadata search setup and links to Titan Admin jobs. Prior to the v6.8 release, the index resided in the Titan Administration module. Secuirty is by group assignment for the Smart Search module and not specific to an Index.


Metadata Search

Metadata provides context for data; data about data. Search engine results is the listing of web pages returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query. Major search engines primarily use content contained in the within the Metatag Keyword of the web page.



The new Index Dashboard can be arranged with desired widgets and contains information on daily searches, popular search terms, managed or unmanaged terms and search start pages.


Mini Detail Page for Card

For a Smart Search display of Card, you may create a Mini Detail page that isn't the main detail page if you need to have a different way of showing details. The trick is to define a site-specific detail page on the Data Site in Titan Admin using the DNS and Display file with DocId.


Delete Index

v6.8+ An Index may be deleted but proceed with caution since a delete cannot be undone. There will be 2 messages with information about the delete, review the details carefully.


Page Action Bar

The Page Action Bar is listed next to the TitanCMS module selector. The Page Action Bar items will display based on your login and module. The action items will be enabled when they become available to use in the workstation process.


dtSearch Configuration Example

Example of the Documentation Globes dtSearch configurations.


Result Impression & Click Through Stats

The Impressions statistic will increment every time the search index segment or search results block pulls that item in the results list. The Clicks statistic will increment every time a user actually clicks on the item from the search results.


How to change number of Smart Search Results

If dtSearch is ordering a result lower in your results list than what is included in Smart Search results, the number of Smart Search results may be changed through this Titan Admin Global parameter.


Search Maintenance Recommendation

The recommendation is to maintain that the Search Results are up to date. Schedule weekly full reindexing per each index and the daily update. *Review the Items to Consider section.


How to keep the Search Index up to date

Keeping the Search Index up to date is accomplished by running Disk Refresh, Create Index or Update Index jobs found in the Titan Administration module. New links will be accessible for existing Create Index and Update Index Jobs in Smart Search Admin section. Clicking the link will take you to the job in Titan Admin module.


Search Results

The Search Results Block pertains to the results a user gets by entering a search term in the search box on the website. In base TitanCMS the system is set up to display search results on the same page regardless of where in the site the user has requested the search.


Keyword Browse Views

The section Keyword & Results includes a drop down to create new Browse Views or use System Configured Views.


Segmented Search

Segmented Search is a powerful search block that lets you group search results into different types of content and from different areas of your site. Searches on a specific term might return a mix of news, events, documents, images, videos, etc, and with Segmented Search the results will be grouped based on segment types built. Segmented Search also provides flexibility to configure filters for users to use in controlling results in a more useful way.


Keywords & Results

List of Search Phrases from website that may be managed as a Feature, Card or Direct result. On a specific result from the Keywords & Results, you may view how many time the Search Phrase landed in results and number of time a user clicked it from the results. In this section you are also able to add keywords to manage results along with an option to change a Featured item's Title and Description just for the Smart Search Results.


Titan Module Access

A chart of Titan Admin Groups and the modules in TitanCMS workstation the group has access to. The new v6.8 Smart Search module allows access by group assignment, security is not specific to an Index within the module.


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