Latest Enhancements


Version 6.9

The latest enhancements include: CKEditor upgrade with Check Accessibility; Drag and Drop of images and files; and Drag and Drop Destination Settings; User Management module User Preferences icon for upload settings; New Global Parameters and New Site Globe or Data Site Configuration for default upload folder, Form block change to Width field to allow CSS width values and a new Base Titan Theme "ReFlex" responsive design to take the place of the other Titan Themes. 


CKEditor - Check Accessibility

A new option in the CK Editor that inspects the accessibility level of content and provides solution.

 Using content from demo, review Check Accessibility or use your own content:

  1. From v6.9 CK Editor select the Check Accessibility 
  2. Run through items in the dialog
  3. Select Quick Fix or Ignore
  4. Examples:

New Global Parameters

System wide setting that will allow or not allow a user to select a file folder when in v6.9 CK Editor-Drag and Drop Destination Settings to save files and images in their desired file folder.

  1. Select the Titan Administration module
  2. Go to Global Parameters
  3. Select Common Site Configuration
  4. Find DragAndDropAllowsUserUploadFolder
    1. Parameter Value:
      1. Allow = 1
      2. Don't Allow = 0

System wide setting to configure the folder path used to place files and images using the v6.9 Editor Drag and Drop Settings

  1. Select the Titan Administration module
  2. Go to Global Parameters
  3. Select Common Site Configuration
  4. Find DragAndDropUploadFolder
  5. Enter the URL path for File Folder


*If a folder URL Path is configured on a Site Globe or Data Site's field "Default Upload Folder", the system folder configuration is over-ridden.

*If the Global parameter allows (1) for user specific selection, the user's selection may over-ride System and Site specific configurations. 

*The User's setting will be recorded in "Preferences" in the User Management module and folder will display when user selects v6.9 CK Editor Drag and Drop Destination Settings.

Example:  Site Globe or Data Site New Configuration

User Preference - Upload folder global or per site

User Management User Record - Preferences

? = Help text

SiteID dropdown = List of Sites in your Titan instance.

Preference Name = Validation on this field

Preference Value = Enter path to folder; *be careful no validation on this field.

If user configures folder through v6.9 CK Editor the record will be automatically entered here.


  • Add
  • Delete
  • Update

Drag and Drop Destination Settings:

Drag Drop Functionality

*This is an example of the System Configured Defautl Upload Folder entry in "DragAndDropDefaultUploadFolder"

Drag Drop per site per user "DisplayUser"

This is example of both the System configured folder "Default Destination" and user preference "Your Default Destination for this Site"


This is example of user's User Preference record in the User Management module for "DisplayUser" 

DisplayUser Pref

Drag and Drop Hints - Rules:

  • User Management Preferences is a generic entry screen which will allow any name or path, so be careful to be exact for valid names and paths or it will not work.  *At this time TitanCMS uses Preference Name = UploadFolder
  • User Management Preferences Validation - all characters allowed.
  • User Management Preference Setting when changed in workstation will not change Display Side. Use Refresh App Vars for the display URL to update.
  • User Management Preferences - If adding same name Preference Record but different case, first delete initial record then add new case desired for record.  Example:  UPLOADFOLDER change to Uploadfolder.
  • User Management Preferences - Able to create more than 1 User Preference record per site globe or data site, the record goes in alpha order when pulling into Drag Drop Setting.  *Verify SiteID#
  • User Preferences are not able to be reordered.
  • Check status of file! If workflow is configured on Upload File Folder, files will not show up in list and will not be able to be used until they are published.  Image will show in block in workstation at time of upload so may be confusing.  Check status of file!
  • Drag and Drop allows for max 5 files at a time.
  • Drag and Drop files that are not images result in a link.
  • WARNING When using Drag and Drop of files respond to any message that displays before dragging more files.  Block will disappear and cause confusion.
  • Drag and Drop Error (red) & Cancel (blue) messages will display.  *Browsers may behave differently.
  • Drag Drop Warning - Closing block before upload "Loading" complete is allowed and may cause unusual results.
  • Drag Drop - Delete (child) Folder doesn't update User Preference record, need to manually clean up in User Management User Preferences.
  • Copy and Paste doesn't retain name.
  • Copy and Paste Browser Limitations:
    • Firefox - image goes from large to small
    • Chrome - might have to first paste it somewhere else like word or paint and then copy.
    • IE 11 - might have to first paste it somewhere else like word or paint and then copy.
  • Copy & Paste of file only allows for 1 file at a time.  No message of limit of file.

Form Block - Width Field 

Allow other CSS width value and is no longer a required field.

Form fields with width field:

  • Text Box
  • Drop-Down List
  • List Box
  • File Submit

Form Blk Width

Drop Down Width

List Width

File Submit Width

New Titan Base Responsive Theme - ReFlex

*Out of the box new base Titan design, give us your feedback!  The base legacy themes have been removed.

ReFlex Page Layouts include:

  • Home
  • Center
  • Left Nav Center

*Theme Variable Color Theme wizard - color picker changed to work with new responsive theme.

Variable Theme

Wizard 1 section

Wizard 2

Wizard 3

Proximity Filter changed meters to kilometers

Data List - Geographic Coordinate column type used to create a Proximity Filter:

Miles Kilometers