Version 6.6

The new features include:  Schema Relationships used to define rules to retrieve content for Data Details blocks; New styles to use with the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions); A download file button on content tab for File Pile items; the Form block email now includes link for uploaded files. 

The enhancement are: A block attribute icon was moved to the block panel; A new block info icon was added used to toggle non-standard CSS styles for each block; Links to support collecting links from single specific Data type; Data Control names shortened; Removed Pre/Next Year buttons from Calendar filter; 3 new Date Ranges added - This Quarter, Next Quarter, Last Quarter; Add new Display As option "No Display".

In this release, re-work has also started for the Multi File Upload due to browser changes, along with standard bug fixes.   IE 8 support for TitanCMS Workstation has been discontinued.

Schema Relationships

*Retrieve related content for the Data Detail block

Relationships allow you to define how content from two Data Tables is related. Content is related by establishing links, correlating data values, or using Tags and Lookups. Relationships are used by the Data Detail block to combine content from the related Tables on a single page. 

  • Value-based
  • Lookup-based
  • Direct Link

Titan Admin Module - Data Schema - Relationships:

Columns Allowed to use in Relationship Configurations:

(column type)

(column type)

Display - Design

Text (1 line) Text (1 line) No extra design work needed
Text (1 line) *Radio buttons *Custom design
External Key Text (1 line) No extra design work needed
External Key *Radio buttons *Custom design
Number (Integer) Number (Integer) No extra design work needed
*Lookup *Lookup *Custom design
*Radio buttons Text (1 line) *Custom design
*Radio buttons *Radio buttons *Custom design
Page URL Links *dependent on Page URL to show in Parent list *Custom design *Table Name shows on tab, detail includes input name but no link to click.  Links only work in the Freeform column type for detail.


Rules for Relationships:

Relationships are built under a Schema and are not shared across schemas
If no relationship built for Database table (parent)/child, no relationship checkbox listed in Data Detail block
If no data records for Database (child), value match relationship to Database (parent), No Detail block Tab should display for DATA record
If a Links column is built in the child table, then the Parent table will show “Page URL” as Table – Value option
Lookups require designer/developer to do custom work for options to display
Radio buttons require designer/developer to do custom work for options to display
Values must match exactly and are not case sensitive Halloween match halloween, also matches HALLOWEEN
Limit to 1 Relationship record per Table combination ie. Table A to Table B cannot do another Table A to Table B
To build Relationship record, a Table is required to be configured with a Data Site or it will not show up in Table list of options
In Display, the Data Detail will not have a bottom “Return Link”
In Display, the Data Detail Tabs will be in alpha sort order (left to right), developer would need to make change to this order if desired
The Whole Number column's database max value =  2,147,483,647
For Lookups to match values, the Lookup has to be same Lookup in each Table.  ie. Table A (City Lookup) and Table B (City Lookup), when attributes (Phoenix, Phoenix) match, the extra detail will show in Data detail Tab
You should not be allowed to delete the Lookup if it is tied to a column

As of 03-05-15    Both Links and File (multiple) only support “Own Column”

The Link Picker & Database in tree will only show up if the data site has the correct “display/router.aspx?DocID=##&DataID=” configuration

For Relationship, remember to review the Data Detail block and have the relationship checked to show up for data

Regarding the Data Detail display and extra details on tab showing, the order is based on: sort by Display Order first,  then alpha by Page Name and if all match, then the tie breaker is DocID.


COLUMNS with inputs that will pull on the detail tab as extra information when an existing relationship does match:

Column Type
Will input show in detail?
Text 1 line
Text Area
Checkbox - checked
Date and Time
Date Time Recurrence
External Key
Files (Multiple)
Freeform - image, links, text, table, special characters
Lookup single
Number Decimal
Number Integer
Radio Buttons


Data Detail Block Relationships:

Data Detail Display for Relationship match:


Data Detail Display with Relationships & Edit Link of "Manage":

New Styles for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Block.


New Download File Button

*Donwload Button located on File Pile item on the content tab


Form Block's email notification now includes link for uploaded files.

v6.6 Enhancements:


The Block's Attribute access has been moved to the Block panel:

A toggle option has been added to the Block panel to view non-standard CSS styles when in place.  Click on the blue I icon to open/close:


Open =

Links control Type were enhanced to support collecting links from a single specific Data Type:

*This change supports picking the Data Table as a specific source.  You have the option to select "All Content (pages, Files and DAta) which makes the Links column work the normal way.  If you pick a specific Data Table, it works the new way by limiting items to that table.

Simplified Data Control names:

Removed Pre/Next Year buttons from the Calendar Filter widgets:

Added 3 new Date Range attributes for range filtering:

This Quarter, Next Quarter and Last Quarter now available, which uses the current date to calculate the beginning and end of the requested quarter.

New option "No Display" for Display As of Tag and Lookup filters in Data List: 

*The "No Display" option hides the filter checkboxes / links so that the Tag/Lookup data can be returned with the results with requiring filtering.  Developer's requested this enhancement to use behind-the-scenes.

Due to browser changes, the Multi-File Upload in the Workstation has been enhanced to use the Content Picker dialog:

*IE 9 uses old dialog