Version 6.9.5 Overview

Titan CMS version 6.9.5 features responsive template enhancements, administration improvements, new security features, a platform installer, and performance optimizations. The newest version of Titan CMS also offers important backend improvements, supporting the latest .NET Framework and Windows Server technologies to keep customer data safe and take advantage of the latest in security and encryption technologies.

ReFlex Theme Enhancements

In version 6.9, we introduced the new Responsive Template called ReFlex. In version 6.9.5, we advanced the new ReFlex Theme to provide a polished, professional experience to your end users. ReFlex Theme highlights added:

  1. Responsive means support across devices as well as modern browsers.
  2. Smooth scrolling, block animations, and header/menu transitions provide a polished, professional look.
  3. Modular approach to the ReFlex Theme means a wide array of layouts and user experiences are possible. With ReFlex, you won’t need to settle for another cookie-cutter template.

Content Management Updates

Add title to FAQ Block

In previous versions of Titan CMS, you needed to add a Freeform block above a FAQ block if you wanted to have a title above the block. Now, this can be done within the FAQ block itself. Adding a title within the FAQ block will reduce the amount of space between the title and the questions.

Example: Freeform block title plus FAQ block


Example: FAQ block using Title field


Add a title to your FAQ Block


  1. Select the Web Content Management Module

  2. Open a page from your site map

  3. Add a new FAQ block
  4. Within the FAQ dialog box, you can now add a title for the block.
  5. Click OK to close the FAQ box.
  6. Publish the page.



Forms Editor – Required Check Box

In Titan CMS 6.9.5, we added the ability to require a check box be selected on a form prior to submission.


  1. Select the Web Content Module
  2. Open a page from your sitemap that contains a form
  3. Find the location on your form for the check box
  4. Click the Titan Forms icon in the WYSIWYG Editor
  5. Select the check box option
  6. Give the field a name
  7. Check the box next to Required Field
  8. Don’t forget to include an error message
  9. Click OK to close the Titan Forms dialog.
  10. Click OK to close the Form Content dialog.
  11. Click OK to close the Forms Editor.
  12. Publish your page.

Other Content Management/Display Enhancements

  • XSL Block Support change to support language translations API
  • Ensure NWS and bundling libraries are included in Workstation Previews
  • Lookups are now created during content import for data sites
  • File pile enhancement to fix file editor bug
  • Image picker fix to ensure image size and alt text can be selected in the thumbnail view 

Global Parameters

New Global Parameter Categories

In Titan CMS 6.9.5, we have updated categories to provide better logical grouping of global parameters. The reorganization makes global parameters easier to locate and manage.


Global Parameter

Debugging and Logging

  • EnableCssDebug
  • EnableXslDebug
  • UrlRewritingLogEvents


  • ADSIAdminPassword
  • ADSIAdminUser
  • BackgroundMailerWkstDns
  • ComponentServerDNS
  • ComponentServerLocalDir
  • ContactBlockSourceEmail
  • ContactBlockWkstUrl
  • DefaultPassword
  • DefaultUserName
  • LdapAuthenticationType
  • MailHostName
  • NetSQLConnAppControl
  • NetSQLConnCMS
  • SQLServerServiceName
  • DisplayBlockPath
  • DisplayCSSPath
  • DisplayPageLayoutPath
  • WkstBlockPath
  • WkstCSSPath
  • WkstPageLayoutPath


  • CustomPropertiesXml
  • ExternalAuthenticationActive
  • ExternalAuthenticationDLL
  • ExtraXslParams
  • FlowPlayerSettings
  • GeocodingConfig
  • GoogleAPIKeys
  • LinkedPropertiesXml


  • ContentPickerShowEditableOnly
  • DefaultPageLayoutID
  • DragAndDropAllowUserUploadFolder
  • DragAndDropDefaultUploadFolder
  • NavigationCachingMode
  • NavigationKeepFlatNav
  • NavigationServiceCachingMode
  • UseShortUserProfile

Request Handling

  • DefaultPresentationCSS
  • DefaultPresentationSiteID
  • DOCID_Default
  • DomainConfig
  • RssRoot_WhatsNew
  • StaticFileHandlerConfig
  • UrlRewritingSecondaryCacheDuration

Site Search

  • CenterContentWebAppPath
  • DisplayWebAppPath
  • DTIndexBaseDirectory
  • DTSearchInstalled
  • WkstWebAppPath
  • SearchDescriptionOrder
  • SearchItemsToDisplay
  • SegmentedSearchDateRanges

System Limits

  • BrowseLimit
  • CommentRatingLimit
  • MaxMyLinks
  • NavigationMinLevels
  • LongOperationTimeout
  • PQLDefaultSettings
  • SearchItemsToDisplay
  • TotalWkstBlocks
  • TreeLimit

Protecting Global Parameters

Sensitive parameters will not be visible by default. Users must explicitly edit and re-enter password to view and/or edit the value of a sensitive parameter.

  1. Select the Titan Administration module
  2. Go to Global Parameters
  3. Open any Global Parameter Grouping
    Global Parameters Screengrab  
  4. Click on any parameter to expand
    global parameters listing for environment   
  5.  Click on No under “Accessible by Site Display and Workstation”
    adsiadminpassword screenshot 
  6. Click Save in the Action Toolbar.

Editing Sensitive Global Parameters

  1. Select the Titan Administration module

  2. Go to Global Parameters

  3. Open any Global Parameter Grouping
  4. Click on any parameter to expand
    Environment global parameters  
  5. If the parameter has sensitive information, you will see this window:
    sensitive global parameter screenshot  
  6. Click edit. You will be prompted to re-enter your workstation password. 
    password verification screenshot  
  7. You will now be able to edit the description and parameter values in the dialog box: 
    edit global parameter screenshot 
  8. Click Save in the Action Toolbar.

Domain Management

Update Robots.txt

You can now update your robots.txt file within the Titan Administration Module.

update robots txt 

  1. Open Titan Administration Module.
  2. Expand Global Parameters > Request Handling > Domain Config
  3. Update values within the Parameter Value. Anything included within this field will update your robots.txt file.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Site Refresh.

SEO Enhancements

Body Snippet


Programs such as Google Tag Manager recommend that code is added to the top of the body, versus in page-level snippets.

In Titan CMS 6.9.5, we have added a Body Snippet field in the Theme Snippets section of Titan Admin.

To update the Body Snippets:

  1. Select the Titan Administration Module.
  2. Navigate to Content Sites and click to expand.
  3. Find the site you need to add snippets to and click to expand. Then, click on Theme.
  4. You will now see this screen:
  5. Insert your snippets where needed.
  6. Click save.
  7. Refresh your site.

SEO Enhancement

  • Home page action reflects root domain path

Site Search

  • Enable dtSearch feature for all installations of Titan CMS by default
  • Performance enhancements for Search Results block display
  • Updated global parameter for SearchDescriptionOrder to fix bug if entries have a trailing comma
  • Remove duplicate teaser in Smart Search results
  • Segmented Search display template hotfix
  • Updated dtSearch dependencies

Performance Improvement

  • Static File Handling absolute imports page speed improvement
  • File Pile Cleanup Task improvement to protect against 100% deletion
  • Update RegisterModules to ensure callbacks are called even if script registered by another request to registermodules.
  • Javascript cleanup for no statusText on Chrome
  • Global parameter enhancement for missing SiteID retrieval
  • Clean up robots.txt for default domain configuration during initial set up
  • Improved performance for Site Map Index to support extremely large product catalogs
  • Form submission email notification configuration improvement
  • Browse view timeout extension


  • Fix security vulnerability with Forms Editor Block

Site Map Index

Titan CMS v6.9.5.37 introduces a Site Map Index for all Registered Domains. This is a site map index XML file located at the root of the domain (i.e. for all content, file, and data sites associated with the registered domain.

While file and data sites are not assigned a Primary Display DNS like Content Sites, the Site Map Index enhancement allows specifying file and data sites belonging to a domain by specifying their Internal Site Identifiers in the Registered Domain Configuration for the domain.