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Version 6.9.5

Titan CMS version 6.9.5 features responsive template enhancements, administration improvements, new security features, a platform installer, and performance optimizations. The newest version of Titan CMS also offers important backend improvements, supporting the latest .NET Framework and Windows Server technologies to keep customer data safe and take advantage of the latest in security and encryption technologies.

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Version 6.9

The latest enhancements include: CKEditor upgrade with Check Accessibility; Drag and Drop of images and files; and Drag and Drop Destination Settings; User Management module User Preferences icon for upload settings; New Global Parameters and New Site Globe or Data Site Configuration for default upload folder, Form block change to Width field to allow CSS width values and a new Base Titan Theme "ReFlex" responsive design to take the place of the other Titan Themes.

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Version 6.8

The latest enhancements include: new browse view SEO Problems, updated Smart Search module, new Telephone link, New Property Sort Date & section, Titan Workstation Preview of Data item and Data Schema Relationships may be defined within same table. The Dashboard widgets for Accounts (Approval, etc) have been removed from the Web Content Management module and are now only located in the User Management module.

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Version 6.7

This release includes: CK Editor 4.5.3 which now has advanced content filter to remove unwanted styles; User Value Filters to use in the Data List on display; the Data Upload now allows to add new/missing Lookup attributes; the Form Editor has a Clear Results per Date Range; Advanced Search & Replace allows to replace with nothing; Able to add Page Level Metatag/Snippets; a new Global Parameter that allows admins to change the way the Content Picker works. Also included in this release the Recycle Bin Browse view Tools was removed, Data Upload now has the Skip Workflow auto-checked and there are Server Technology Upgrades.

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Version 6.6

The new features include: Schema Relationships used to define rules to retrieve content for Data Details blocks; New styles to use with the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions); A download file button on content tab for File Pile items; the Form block email now includes link for uploaded files. The enhancement are: A block attribute icon was moved to the block panel; A new block info icon was added used to toggle non-standard CSS styles for each block; Links to support collecting links from single specific Data type; Data Control names shortened; Removed Pre/Next Year buttons from Calendar filter; 3 new Date Ranges added - This Quarter, Next Quarter, Last Quarter; Add new Display As option "No Display". In this release, re-work has also started for the Multi File Upload due to browser changes, along with standard bug fixes. IE 8 support for TitanCMS Workstation has been discontinued.

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Version 6.5

In this release, there is a new Geographic Coordinate column type to use with the new Proximity filter in the Data List block! When building your Table/Schema, add the new column type "Geographic Coordinate" which will allow you to use Latitude and Longitude inputs for your data records and search for locations through the Data List block. There are also other enhancements such as the Content Picker Remember User Interface which retains information about your last use to improve efficiency when performing repetitive linking/picking tasks. There is also a new field for the URL to show at bottom of interface and selected items stay selected. The Follow Links in Workstation Preview (exception data items) allows you to navigate your website in the Workstation Preview. There are also developer enhancements for Site Parameters, Site Specific Data Detail pages and Commented CDATA Snippets to better support the third party analytics. An improvement was made to the Workstation Tree Performance. The WYSIWYG Tables default configuration was changed.

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