TITAN CMS - Crop Image

The Image Editor - Crop allows the user to trim the image down to a portion of the original image.


The Image Editor - Crop allows the user to trim the image down to a portion of the original image.

  1. Select to Edit Image and the Resize tab, in the Image Editor, will display first.
  2. Select the Crop Tab in the Image Editor.
  3. The actual Crop Box Size may be changed.  You may type in the desired number in the Width and Height text fields.  You will be able to create a smaller or larger Crop Box.
  4. To change the Width and Height of the Crop Box without being constrained to a certain combination, deselect Constrain proportions.
  5. To select different area of image to Crop, move pink box by clicking on box or side and dragging box over image as it becomes highlighted.  Pointer will display as four arrows.
  6. To select different size of area of the image to Crop, click on the corners and expand the pink box as image becomes highlighted.  Pointer will display as two arrows.
  7. To Reset the Image back to original Width and Height, select Reset.
  8. Use the Tool Bar to Preview options and view Image.  No change to image will occur.
    1. Zoom In
    2. Zoom Out
    3. Best Fit
    4. Full View
  9. To save Cropped Image as the original and place in block, select OK.
  10. If you Crop the Image and select Resize or Rotate prior to OK, the system will advise Save Required.
  11. To cancel the process of creating a New File Name, select Cancel.
Prerequisite Steps

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.  The Titan log in will display.
  2. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  3. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  4. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application will open to the Web Content Management Module.

Find an existing item in the Nav Tree: 

  1. To expand the node in the tree, use the "+" 
  2. To minimize the node in the tree, use the "-"  
  3. To select the item to work with,  click on the item in the tree.  The item will become highlighted & the item and it's children will appear in the Browse Screen.

Access the Content Edit Tab

  1. Access the content editing pane by either clicking on the "edit" link from the browse screen listing, or by adding a checkmark in the box in front of your page in the browse screen and clicking on the Content Edit Tab.
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