TITAN CMS - Restore Content


Content may be restored if it is in the Recycle Bin.  Content deleted from the Recycle Bin is permanently deleted from the TitanCMS Workstation.




  1. Click on the Move Icon (left) in the Page Action Bar.  The Move Documents screen will display.
  2. Highlight the area under the Select Destination - CMS Nav Tree, where the moved item(s) will be placed.
  3. Select the desired Move-To Options
    1. Save and Publish Options:
      1. Skip Workflow - Checking this will move the items without invoking workflow and is used when moving large numbers of items.  Leave unchecked and complete workflow process to leave better document history trail.
      2. Complete Workflow Immediately - this will publish and approve copied items and if appropriate make active on the website.
      3. Publish Immediately - allows you to publish but still need approval through the workflow process for the copied items.
    2. Security Options:
      1. Preserve original security settings - when not checked, the copied items will take on the security setting of the new parent item.
  4. Select OK and the item(s) will be moved.  Cancel will stop the process.
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Prerequisite Steps

Log in to the workstation:

  1. Enter your TitanCMS URL in a browser address bar.  The Titan log in will display.
  2. Enter your User Name in the User Name field.
  3. Enter your Password in the Password field.
  4. Click Log In.  The TitanCMS application will open to the Web Content Management Module.

Find an existing item in the Nav Tree: 

  1. To expand the node in the tree, use the "+" 
  2. To minimize the node in the tree, use the "-"  
  3. To select the item to work with,  click on the item in the tree.  The item will become highlighted & the item and it's children will appear in the Browse Screen.