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How to Build:

  1. Select Titan Administration module.
  2. Select Range Filters.
  3. Add Range for nunmerical filtering.
  4. Configure the Range ie.
    1.  Configure the Min 11 - Max 15 for numerical range  ie.   Min =11 ,   Max =15
    2. “Numeric” means equates to a valid number (integers and/or decimals)

  1. Build the Schema/Table Columns to allow Range filtering - Numerical
  2. Whole Number Input *Own Column linking required to use Range Filtering!
  3. Check Range Filtering

  1. Complete the build of the Data Site.
  2. Select Web Content Management module.
  3. Select page to build the Data List block with Range Fitler for ie. 
  4. Configure of Data List Block:

  1. Save and publish work.
  2. Add the Data Detail block if desired.
  3. Add the Data Editor block if desired.
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