TITAN CMS - Data List & Proximity Filter

The example below is configured with the initial proximity filter for Northwoods Headquarters (Latitude / Longitude).  

Enter an address ie. Your Home or Business Address and search for locations ie. __ miles away.  The results will be of Northwood's clients (Latitude / Longitude) address from you.


Please wait while we gather your results.

How to Build:

Build a Data Schema/Table with new column "Geographic Coordinate".

1. Add Data Schema/Table


2. Add Templates



3. Add Database Site and Linking



4. Add Data Binding

5. Build the Data List block


Proximity Filter

6. Add Data Detail Block & Default to Data Site

7. Add Data Records in workstation


Find Latitude and Longitude:

International Tool


8.  Hints for Data Sites

9.  Help with File format for Latitude and Longitude