TITAN CMS - Data List & Caching

The Data List Block with caching will save on page display load time!  If your blocks don't change often and security is not in place, use this option to cache results and save on page load time.

*Public view only, doesn't cache if logged in!



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How to Build:

  1. Select the Data List block.
  2. Configure:
    1. Source
    2. Check box for Caching for Public Display
    3. Sort Order - Display order
    4. Configure Keyword, Tags, Ranges 
    5. See More - limit attributes to 6 items per page
    6. Template - Version 2
    7. Items per Row 1
    8. Link - Page Name
    9. Default location as configured for Data Site
    10. Options:
      1. Teaser Image
      2. Enable Display Side Sorting
      3. Display Count (Audit)
      4. Pagination with 6 items per page
  3. Save and Publish work.  *Note the following changes that won't take effect and those that will show without a refresh with caching in place.
    1. Changes that don’t take effect until after Refresh:
      1. Different root selections in tree
      2. What’s New filter (*optional filter)
      3. Items published in last X days (*optional filter)
      4. Default Sort Order
      5. N/A  Filter Ranges configuration
        1. *Exception Keyword
      6. Pagination
      7. Limit to X items (*optional filter)
      8. Excluded docs
      9. Set manual priorities  *over-rides sort option
      10. Tags, Lookups, Ranges
      11. Audit count
    2. Changes that take effect right away:
      1. Caching checkbox
      2. Filter Area Title
      3. Keyword field filter
      4. Filter Zone
      5. Adv Tag Options
      6. Everything in Configure Your Results display except pagination

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